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As a career woman who made it to the top of the corporate ladder, I gave it up to tell my stories. It's time I stop feeding my ego in the corporate world and start feeding my soul by sharing my stories so hopefully they can provide comfort to others. 

Not only have I been called to share my stories, but I have also been called to pursue becoming a certified Death & Spiritual Doula and Hypnotist. 

I start with my first book, "White Flame" which takes you on my journey of the trials of demons, death, and finally ending up with the White Flame of enlightenment. White Flame won the 2023 Bronze COVR Visionary Award.

My second book "Wired to be Dysfunctional" my mom and I take you on my crazy journey of having a rare neurological disorder. It involves misdiagnosis-es, abandonment, the refusal to give up; and finally a solution. 

I thought my story ended after my second book, but "Leads to Nowhere" is about the convergence of the previous two with the addition of a miracle. Embark on the journey in the third book to unlock the secrets to healing. 

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