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Death Doula Services

Death Doula 

What is a Death Doula?


As a Death Doula, I know death can be messy & scary. I help make the transition more comfortable and exciting by providing end-of-life planning, consulting & care. I provide these without bias to religion, culture, or politics; and create a safe place to discuss these without judgment. 


Much like a Birth Doula or Birth Midwife helps a family and a soul with the transition into this world, I help with the transition out of it. This should be just as beautiful and meaningful as the time of birth. Certainly, it is sad to say goodbye. But it doesn’t need to be frightening.

More on the Death Profession:


A Death Doula is a support person who provides non-judgmental, non-medical holistic support to those nearing the end of life. A Death Doula offers support to the friends and family of the elderly, dying, or recently dead. We educate and empower individuals to make decisions on their own end-of-life care and final burial or funeral. While death, much like birth, can be messy and painful; there are a lot of options available to you to make it less so.


A common misconception is that Death Doulas are “obsessed with death”. We are in love with life. Death Doulas are so in love with life that we hope to bring comfort and peace to the very last moments of a person’s time in this world.


- A Death Doula does not provide medical care, though we may help advocate for the dying and help ensure they get the medical care they need from the healthcare support team.


- A Death Doula may provide physical support. For example, a Death Doula may offer healing touch (like holding a person’s hand), gentle massage, and physical care needs that are often left for families to provide (like keeping the dying individual clean, dry, and comfortable.)


- Death Doula support is holistic. Holistic care is support that goes beyond the physical needs of a person but also considers their emotional, social, and (possibly) spiritual needs.


- Death Doulas educate and empower the dying and their families on their end-of-life care, funeral, and burial options. We can help a dying individual walk through the steps of creating a living will or advanced care directives.


How is Hospice and Death Doula services Different?

Hospice and Palliative care is limited in the scope of what they can provide and are often lacking resources. A Death Doula can bridge the gap between the medical field and the actual needs of a person. A Death Doula can also provide more support for families and an individual well in advance or well after the moment of death. 


I am here to support you and your family however you need. Check out some of my more specific services or reach out to find out what would benefit you the most.

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