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Navigating End of Life Conversations

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In this course, I will help you navigate the often hard and scary, end-of-life conversations we need to have with our loved ones. While these conversations are infrequent and viewed as scary, this course will hopefully help you find ease and comfort in approaching this subject. End of life conversations are discussions that take place between patients, their loved ones, and healthcare professionals about the patient’s wishes and decisions regarding their end-of-life care. These conversations can be difficult to initiate, but they are important to ensure that the patient’s wishes are respected and that they receive the care they desire. End-of-life conversations can cover a wide range of topics, including the patient’s goals for their care, their preferences for medical treatments, and their wishes for their final days. Talking about your healthcare wishes with your family is a gift. If you become very ill and can’t voice your own opinions, your loved ones and medical team must make important decisions about your care. These decisions may have serious impact on your end-of-life experience. If you need help creating an Advanced Directive, check out my course "End of Life Document Preparation." This course will help you discuss end-of-life topics with parents, siblings, friends and children.

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