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A Peak Behind the Veil

  • 6Weeks
  • 28Steps


I welcome you to explore this 6-week course "A Peak Behind the Veil." Whatever may have brought you here, this course is designed to help provide clarity from the confusing aspect of our life we call death. How you will benefit from this course: Transform limiting beliefs to gain a deeper understanding of your own spiritual journey. Find comfort in your new understanding. Connect with your own spiritual side to heal. Create a Daily spiritual routine that empowers all that you do. Find Clarity in what exists beyond, and how you can use that for your best self. "A Peak Behind the Veil" takes you on a journey of self-discovery and clarity. Created by award-winning author and near-death experiencer, Brianna Lafferty, who has crossed the veil from life to death and has been able to come back to share her insight. Along with her own personal experience, this course will explore views of death and dying throughout history, cultures, and religions. After exploring others' perceptions, the course will guide you through your own journey of self-discovery, reflection, and spiritual connection.

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