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The Divine Body & Soul Transformative Blueprint

  • 90Days
  • 38Steps


In 90 daring days you’ll shift from… - Dreading bedtime, knowing the monotony continues tomorrow to springing up every morning ready for whatever the world throws at you. - Stressed, exhausted, and in pain to ~ being peaceful, rested and enthusiastic about life. - Feeling lost and disconnected from your soul ~ to stepping into your soul's purpose - Confused from a lifetime of chronic illness to ~ re-discovering yourself and deeply understanding your journey. - Feeling the weight of the world to ~ taking control of your waking life. - Feeling overwhelmed with this soul contract ~ to breaking it and creating your new life. There are six mind, heart, soul and body changing modules in the program.  1. Mindset Mastery - You get to start understanding more about the interplay between the mind and body. 2. Unveiling the Healing Odyssey - A deeper dive into self-reflection, resilience and mindset 3. Navigating the Depths of Healing - Learn techniques for reconditioning your mind to a new way of thinking and your body to a new way of feeling, soul lessons will also be discussed again in this module 4. Soulful Recovery: Nurturing your Spiritual Essences - here we will dive into what your beliefs are and how you got to them so that we can better direct how to connect with your spiritual self 5. Metamorphosis Mastery - We put everything together. How to utilize your new mind, your new heart and your new spiritual awareness and create a healthy, happy life  6. Sustaining Change - This module is how to make sure you keep on creating your new future after this program. Tools and habits should have been formed along the way, but how do you make sure to stick with it when faced with new challenges and old behaviors?  12 weeks of mind, body & soul aligned educational content and exercises 6 One on One Clarity-Creating, Co-Creating sessions with Bri 90 days to your new, healthy house of health!

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