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About Brianna

I am an award-winning author, international speaker, and a passionate Death Doula. After a lifetime of chronic illness, a near-death experience, and learning how to do what was thought to be impossible - healing; I am now passionate in helping others achieve the same results. Whether it is planning for end-of-life matters, coping with grief, or gaining clarity about the spiritual world and the magic that it holds, I love to do it all.

Are you wanting to learn how to strengthen your mind and body from within and tap into your body's natural healing powers? Book a healing strategy call with me today! Use the book now button and take a huge step in your transformational and healing journey. 

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I get excited and feel clarity every time I talk to Bri, which I love and appreciate. I always leave our conversations with a different perspective, and a new understanding on various different topics. Her life experiences, words, and her ability to tell stories helps illustrate information and brings me more awareness. She’s an amazing human being, feels good, and adds value to one’s life. I can only recommend her!
- Rodney Morales

Alexa Young, CA

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