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Embracing Life's Wisdom Through Mortality

📣Mark you calendars for July 6th at 1pm EST / 11am MST for this exciting LIVE event through IANDS Groups & Events where I will be presenting "Embracing Life's Wisdom Through Mortality."📣 Why should you attend? ✨ In this profound 60-minute online presentation, delve into the transformative journey where I will share firsthand insights gleaned from my near-death experience, forever altering my perspective on life and death. 💙Through raw honesty and profound introspection, I will illuminate how these experiences propelled me into the role of a Death & Spiritual Doula, guiding others through the intricate terrain of life, death, and the afterlife. ✨Prepare to be moved as I share intimate deathbed confessions, offering rare glimpses into the human soul’s deepest revelations. ❓Following the presentation, engage in a thought-provoking 30-minute Q&A session, where you’ll have the opportunity to delve deeper into the profound insights shared and gain practical wisdom for embracing life in its fullest expression. 💙This event isn’t just about confronting mortality; it’s about harnessing the wisdom inherent in the journey from life to death to live our best lives today. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to discover the profound lessons that lie at the intersection of life and death, and how they can illuminate our paths toward fulfillment and purpose. ✅Register now and embark on a journey of enlightenment and empowerment. PLUS --- It's only $10 for non members! 🤯

About Brianna

Bri Lafferty is an award-winning author of three compelling non-fiction books that detail her profound journey through a rare, chronic neurological disorder, a near-death experience, and the healing she uncovered along the way. These extraordinary experiences have led her to become a passionate Death and Spiritual Doula. She now dedicates her life to guiding others through transformative journeys, end-of-life challenges, and the process of birthing into their authentic, spiritual selves. Her unique blend of personal insight and professional expertise provides invaluable support to those navigating life's most profound transitions.

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I get excited and feel clarity every time I talk to Bri, which I love and appreciate. I always leave our conversations with a different perspective, and a new understanding on various different topics. Her life experiences, words, and her ability to tell stories helps illustrate information and brings me more awareness. She’s an amazing human being, feels good, and adds value to one’s life. I can only recommend her!
- Rodney Morales

Alexa Young, CA

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